Autumnal Elephant Shopper

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Say 'No!' to plastic bags and carry one or two of these 100% cotton elephant shopper bags with you (you never know when you'll need one). Let's save the earth from landfill, one plastic bag at a time.

These ethical shopper bags have been printed with a multi-coloured travelling elephant motif on an unbleached neutral cotton base. They're quirky, colourful, and can roll up to fit in a handbag. The bags are made from 100% fair trade natural cotton, grown and harvested ethically and sustainably.

This product is produced by...

Crc Export

Craft Resource Center was founded in 1990 to promote vigorous self-determination and fair trade practice within India’s vibrant artistic community.

The Center has since developed a characterful community of entrepreneurs, who are not only the secret-keepers of traditional handicrafts but also feel empowered to improve the lives of their families through their abilities. As a result, a wide and eclectic range of artisan groups can confidently reach out and collaborate, interweaving their hopes, dreams, and new creative techniques.

H44 x W38cm. Handles L41cm.