Autumn Winter 2020 Catalogue (Up to 20 Free)

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Welcome to our autumn/winter 2020 catalogue! The last few months have been challenging and unsettling to say the least, but thankfully, solely thanks to your continued support, we have surfaced relatively unscathed here at Traidcraft. As well as remaining committed to our supply chains throughout, we’ve also remained committed to you. Our site has always been open to take your orders, and deliveries have always arrived safely to your doorsteps. Something we’re really rather proud of. The pandemic has taught us as shoppers to consume more thoughtfully and consciously, to be resourceful in the face of adversity, to recycle, reuse and be less wasteful, and our planet is thanking us for it. Our expanded range of sustainable fair trade and Organic products this season offers a one stop shop for any conscious shopper to get everything they need, all in one place. Whether you’ve followed our fight for social, trade and economic justice since the beginning, have recently embarked on your journey with us, or you’re somewhere in-between, we hope that you enjoy taking a moment to immerse yourself in our carefully curated collections and be inspired by the stories behind them. Grab a cuppa and dive in, here’s to autumn/winter 2020… You can view and download our catalogue online here >> Catalogues are available in limited numbers and are limited to 10 free per account. If you'd like further catalogues, you can order at a cost of £0.10 per catalogue here >>

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