Amelia Scarf

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Wrap yourself in the rich dyes of an oil painting with this fair trade silk scarf. It’s light and delicate as a summer breeze, so let it flow artistically behind you as you go about your daily tasks. The rich tones have been hand dyed using a traditional batik method, which involves layers of wax being used to keep the colours distinct and beautiful.

Not only is this scarf totally ethical, it’s also made of natural fibres (silk). It’s a thing of natural beauty, just like you.

This product is produced by...

Jute Works

Hundreds of families in Bangladesh rely on jute for a steady income. CORR – The Jute Works was set up in 1973 as a charitable trust, providing women weavers with the training and skills needed to make locally-grown jute products in the safety and comfort of their own homes. 

"We are very proud of what my mother did. It would have been quite impossible for me to go to university if there was only my father’s income. I want to stay in the village and teach the children.”

Nargis, the daughter of Firoza Begum - an artisan at The Jute Works

00% silk. L190 x W33cm. Hand wash only.