What We Do, Why, and How We’re Different

Traidcraft puts transparency, respect and dialogue into commercial practiceWe want to make capitalism fair. What do we mean by that? We recognise the huge injustices in trade, the environment and society, which we are willing to fight to eradicate. We are not in business to make people rich and businesses richer - we want those throughout our supply chains to get the money they need not just to live, but to thrive.

By building us and those around us to be the most ethical that we can be, we stand a chance of achieving our goal. We know our vision is vast, and fraught with obstacles, but we won’t stop until it’s achieved.

Here is how we propose we’re going to achieve it: 

What We Do

  • We break any rules that inhabit or restrict our mission.
  • We’re 100% transparent. We tell it how it is.
  • We advocate less consumption.
  • We tell the truth about climate change.
  • Our culture, structure and pay scale is part of our response.
  • We will always be at the forefront of pioneering change. 
  • We are an everyday activist’s one-stop shop. 
  • We buy and sell fair trade. We are one of the leading, dedicated fair trade companies, in the UK and globally. 

We stock a huge range of ethical, fair trade foods, beverages, household cleaning products, as well as fair trade crafts and clothing, from fair trade suppliers in over 30 developing countries. 

How are We Different?

Fair trade isn’t just part of our business, it’s fundamental to our business. And we’re 100% committed to it. Amazing work has been done, but we need to push the boundaries of fair trade further and keep raising standards for everyone. Over 40 years on from our conception, Fairtrade-certified products line supermarket shelves up and down the country. We want you to know that fair trade, in its purest form, goes far beyond compliance to a set of standards.

As pioneers of the movement, our approach to fair trade is different. Traidcraft is about more than just fair trade: We are on a mission to create real, sustainable change in the word of trade. In the process, we just happen to sell the very best tea, coffee, chocolate, sugar, sweets and biscuits around.

We believe that the key to buying less, is buying right… investing in what is good, rather than chasing what is cheap. Our vision is to be the best ethical business there is. How are we hoping to achieve this? Well, our product offering is a start... 

Why Buy Our Products?

  • We always go further than just fair. You can rely on us to make the right, most ethical decision, for people and the planet. Every time.  
  • We believe that consuming ethically shouldn’t mean compromising on quality; our range is carefully and expertly curated.  
  • We only have one planet, so we’re making sure that we look after it; from how our food and drink is wrapped and packaged, to where it comes from.  
  • We choose who we work with very carefully, we want to work with those who are honourable, truthful and passionate, and those who believe in our vision.  
  • We believe Fairtrade-certification just isn’t enough anymore, and that being organic really does matter.