Abaca Woodland Rabbit

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This rustic rabbit sculpture is entirely handmade from sustainably grown abaca fibre. This grass is harvested by artisans in The Philippines, who then weave and dry it into baskets and sculptures. This handcrafted rabbit looks like hes straight out of the woods, and is finished with a neck ribbon. Hes eco-friendly, fair trade, and looking forward to meet you.

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Saffy Handicrafts is a community development organisation set up in 1966 to empower side-lined artisans throughout the Philippines. They started out with a small group of women and disillusioned young people and now work with 34 small producer groups – each of them working towards empowerment and mastery of their craft.


"Working here develops me as a person and uplifts my dignity and respect"

(Generose, an artisan at Saffy)

Abaca fibre

H26 x D12 x W10cm