A Piece of Cake - Gifts for Life

A Piece of Cake - Gifts for Life
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With this gift, it’s a piece of cake to bake a real difference! Sometimes cake is so much more than just a snack… For hidden entrepreneurs like Sufia, turning her baking into profit makes the difference between poverty and a future filled with possibility for her and her family.

This gift helps fund business training on basic bookkeeping, profit margins, and entrepreneurial skills for people like Sufia, helping them to turn their talents into viable businesses, and leave poverty behind for good. 

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Gifts For Life

100% of the cost of this gift goes directly to Traidcraft Exchange, supporting our campaigning and development projects across the world. We work in some of the world’s poorest communities, helping people to get more out of the hard work they do every day.

Our projects help people to increase their incomes and invest in their futures and those of their children, and are funded by the generosity of supporters like you. Each card features a beautiful photograph and lovely illustrations – they really are the perfect gift for any occasion. 

  • The donation which buys these cards help support Traidcraft Exchange's development projects across the world, funding our work with farmers and producers in some of the world's poorest communities.
  • You receive a beautiful gift card in the post to personalise with your own message. The inside of each card is beautifully illustrated, with a blank space for your own message and an explanation of what the donation which bought this card helps fund.
  • Each card comes complete with an envelope and opens to an explanation of how the donation supports Traidcraft Exchange, with plenty of space for you to add your own special message.


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