Oujesh Malgum Story

My name is Oujesh Malgum, I am deaf & dumb. I joined Craft Aid in 1988. Having started with the packaging of sugar in the sugar department, I am now responsible of gathering natural flowers and sorting of the dried flowers for the flower department.

I am so happy to be at Craft Aid for many reasons. One feels free, without having to undergo pressures. I have made many friends who have the same handicap like me, so we have a perfect understanding. I feel important to the society in spite of my handicap.

I earn my living just like normal people do and at the end of the month I give some money to my mum, hence my objective in life is to work, to make progress, earn as much money as possible, build a family and have many children, I know that at Craft Aid I can see my dreams come true.

Craft Aid Background

Craft Aid ( Mauritius ) Co. Ltd. – a non profit-making organisation dedicated to the welfare of  disabled people was created in 1982. They have 220 workers, including around 50 people with disabilities.

Their main objective is to provide paid employment to the disabled and rehabilitate them in to society. Their workforce includes a significant number of mentally and physically handicapped people as well as mute and deaf people.

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