Zaytoun Olive Twig Basket

Zaytoun Olive Twig Basket

Zaytoun Olive Twig Basket


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Zaytoun's Olive Twig Basket, traditionally called a "Qirtalla" is a hand woven basket made from Palestinian olive tree twigs. This is an ancient tradition in Palestine that persists in a few villages in the Ramallah and Jerusalem area. Branches that grow on the bottom of the olive tree trunk can become harmful to the fruit bearing branches if not pruned. Crafters of these baskets are olive growers who view Qirtalla making as an activity that goes hand in hand with olive orchard maintenance.

Size: H13cm x W31cm x L31cm approx.

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  • Fair Trade Producer Details: Zaytoun
  • Zaytoun
  • Zaytoun is an ethical business established to support marginalized farming communities in Palestine. Palestine is the home of the olive tree, supporting over half the population & dominating the agricultural landscape.

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