Floral Papier Mâché Egg Decorations

Floral Papier Mâché Egg Decorations

Floral Papier Mâché Egg Decorations


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Country of origin: India


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Decorate your house in style with these delicate, floral eggs. It's not just a pretty seasonal decoration though, it's also a great way to inject a bit of colour into your living space.

And these hand crafted eggs are just the thing to bring some spring vibes into your home.

The Papier Mache Egg Decorations are hand painted by Indian Artisans who are supported by Asha Handicrafts.

  • Set of 4
  • Egg height: 5cm
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  • Fair Trade Producer Details: Asha Handicrafts
  • Asha Handicrafts
  • Asha means "HOPE" in Sanskrit. 1000s of artisans and producer groups depend on Asha Handicrafts for assistance throughout India, from carpet weavers and paper mache makers in Kashmir, the Northern most part of India, to Kalamkari artisans of Andhra Pradesh in South India, to leather workers of Calcutta in the East, to tribal women of Gujarat in the West doing their ethnic embroidery on cotton, to the many other wood workers, brass workers, weavers, silver smiths etc. located all over different parts of India.

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