Zaytoun Fair Trade Medjoul Dates (5kg) SINGLE

Zaytoun Fair Trade Medjoul Dates (5kg) SINGLE

Zaytoun Fair Trade Medjoul Dates (5kg) SINGLE


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Country of origin: Palestine


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The 'Medjoul' is the finest of dates. It is grown in the Jericho area in Palestine which has the perfect climate for producing soft and succulent dates.

  • Great tasting soft and succulent dates
  • Medjoul dates sourced through the Palm Farmers fair trade co-operative in Palestine

The Zaytoun dates are sourced through the Palm Farmers Cooperative and are a vital source of income in this area which is seeing vast tracts of land confiscated by Israel. The cooperative has around 65 members, who are all dedicated to producing very high quality medjoul dates, to organic farming and environment protection.

In the past the farmers sold sell their dates below cost price and even had to give them away for fear of them rotting before being consumed. Through Zaytoun the cooperative are able to export the bulk of their produce for a fair price.

Medjoul dates

Weight: 5 kg

Ingredients: Whole Medjoul dates (contains fruit stones)

May contain nuts, sesame seed, gluten and milk.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Store away from heat and light. For optimum storage refrigerate at 4°.

Nutrition Information Per 100g
Energy 1150kJ/277kcal
Fat 0.15g
of which saturates 0.0g
Carbohydrate 75g
of which sugars 66.5g
Fibre 6.7g
Protein 1.8g
Salt 0.0g
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  • Fair Trade Producer Details: Zaytoun
  • Zaytoun
  • Zaytoun is an ethical business established to support marginalized farming communities in Palestine. Palestine is the home of the olive tree, supporting over half the population & dominating the agricultural landscape.

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