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Building Confidence - Gifts for Life

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Building Confidence - Gifts for Life

Building Confidence - Gifts for Life


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More than just... building confidence
Begum Madina Akhter joined Traidcraft’s project when she and her family were living hand-to-mouth. She could no longer send her two eldest children to school. Since joining the project, her duck flock has grown from 20 to 400. She has learned to put money aside so that in an emergency, like when she lost most of her ducks due to disease, she is able to recover. Now she can pay for education and a nourishing diet for her children.

I am now far more confident about being able to cope with any economic or financial crisis. I hope Traidcraft will continue its support amongst [the] poor community in Bangladesh. I pray for them so that they live as happy as we are.

Just £15 could train a woman like Madina in duck farming techniques, improving productivity, status, and giving people the opportunity to thrive.

Every gift supports the work of Traidcraft Exchange. You will receive a gift card to send to your relative or friend. The gift card includes details about the gift you’ve chosen and the difference it will make to people’s lives.

The money that you spend on Traidcraft Gifts for Life will support the full range of our work, transforming the lives of those most in need. Thank you!

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