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African Gold Tea Single

African Gold Tea Single

African Gold Tea Single


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This premium blend of high quality Fairtade teas from East Africa makes a drink that's rich and smooth with a naturally sweet taste. Vacuum packed in-country, you're guaranteed a fresher, fuller flavour and a truly satisfying cup of tea.

  • 80 tea bags per box
  • Strength No. 3 Medium

Tea is important - why?

With over 20 million people in the developing world reliant on the tea industry, it is a vital focus in our/the fight against poverty.

  • 10% of Kenya's population (or 3.8 million) is employed in the tea sector

Find out how the Fairtrade premium makes a difference to tea farmers and workers in East Africa.

Within the tea trade, smallholder tea farmers and workers benefit the least.

  • Many have extremely hard lives, which are physically demanding, with low levels of pay
  • Tea estate workers can be powerless to change their circumstances as they can be totally dependent on the estates for everything e.g. wages, healthcare, schooling and sanitation leaving them with little control over their lives
  • Smallholder tea growers often have no choice but to sell their tea through factories or middlemen with little bargaining power to earn a better price
  • Tea prices fluctuate leaving growers vulnerable. Tea prices have experienced a sharp increase in the past 12 months due to bad weather conditions and political instability in the main exporting countries, like Kenya. However this must be seen against the backdrop of long-term low prices, e.g. throughout the past 10 years tea auction prices in Kenya have remained at least 50% below today's high prices

Don't forget it's cheaper to buy a case of six

Weight: 250g

Ingredients: Tea: 100%

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Store in a cool dry place and once opened in an airtight container.

Product of several countries. Packed in the UK

We suggest using one teabag per person and pouring on fresh boiling water. Leave to brew for two minutes or longer for a fuller flavour. Finally add milk and sugar if desired


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