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Country of origin: Sri Lanka


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Made using Fairtrade rubber latex from Sri Lanka. With cotton flock lining. Available in medium size only.

Comfort: Designed for a better fit, with a cotton flock lining.

Durable: Made from natural rubber latex specially formulated for increased resistance to household detergents.

Uses: Ideal for all household tasks, including dish washing and hand washing clothes.

Hand care: Regular use will protect your hands and nails from the harmful effects of hot water and detergents.

Don't forget it's cheaper to buy a case of twelve

  • Size - Medium
  • 1 pair per pack

Fair Trade Producer Details
Mr. Sampala is a small-scale farmer with the Dipped Product's Firstlight programme in Sri Lanka. The natural rubber used to make these gloves is harvested by farmers like him who tap the trees in the early morning to get the best yields. By selling through Firstlight, the farmers know they will receive regular and fair payments as well as technical support and help with equipment.

Traidcraft is working with Firstlight to ensure that the impact reaches much further than this since the price paid also includes development premium. This means that the benefit of fair trade can be felt by farmers and their communities

Your purchase will help Traidcraft to:

  • Invest in producers so they can grow their businesses
  • Give small-scale farmers access to new markets
  • Develop new fair trade products
  • Fight against unfair trade deals

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