Fair trade dried fruit and nuts

View our wide selection of fair trade dried fruit, nuts and ingredients produced by fair trade producers in the developing world. Traidcraft work closely with ethical and fair trade certified producers such as Eksteenskuil Agricultural Co-operative, South Africa, producing raisins and other delicious dried fruits.

Traidcraft also sells a superb selection of Liberation nuts which come in a variety of different flavours, working with farmers from Malawi, Nicaragua, India and many more countries.

If you're looking for sweeter snacks, you may wish to browse our range of fair trade biscuits and organic cakes.

Try our fair trade and organic dried fruit and nuts

All of our fair trade dried fruit and nuts are fully fair trade certified. Most, if not all, products are suitable for vegetarians, although we do advise that you check before buying. Some products may contain gluten.

Our fair trade dried fruits and nuts selection offers some of the finest ethical brands available, such as Zaytoun, Liberation and Geobar. Many of our products are organic too, including walnuts, dates, mango, cherries and cashew nuts.

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