Fair trade and organic sweets

For those with a sweet tooth you will be pleased to know that we offer a fantastic selection of fair trade and organic sweets. Rather than eating a large bar of fair trade chocolate, some sweet and satisfying jellies might tickle your fancy instead.

Our range offers classics, such as butterscotch sweets, liquorice whirls, after dinner mints and chocolate raisins to name a few. New to our range are Jelly Bean Factory jelly sweets which contain 36 gourmet flavours!

Our fruit based fair trade sweets, come from ingredients sourced from Eksteenskuil Agricultural Co-operative, South Africa.

Try our delicious fair trade sweets and confectionery

With a fantastic selection of fair trade sweets including the winner of ‘Best Veggie Sweet’ we are sure to have the perfect treat for kids and adults alike. Available as a bulk purchase or as singles. you can enjoy our great tasting fair trade sweets again and again.

If you're looking to take a bite out of something sweeter, our fantastic selection of fair trade chocolate comes in milk, dark and white chocolate options.

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