Organic jam and fair trade spreads

For those who like to add an extra burst of flavour to their food, especially at breakfast time, jams and spreads are a perfect accompaniment. Whether they are making a tasty sandwich filling for lunch boxes, or topping a fresh pastry on a lazy weekend breakfast time, jams and spreads are an essential store cupboard staple.

Here are Traidcraft we feature a excellent selection of organic jams and fair trade spreads for you to choose from, including fabulously fruity strawberry jam, rich and satisfying chocolate hazelnut spread, zingy marmalade and nutritious honey.

We also feature a selection of peanut butter from Liberation, the UK's only fair trade, farmer- owned nut company.

Where do organic jams and fair trade spreads come from?

At Traidcraft we work farmers, growers and producers in the developing world in order to source high quality fair trade jams and spreads.

Among some of the suppliers are Apicoop, providers of fair trade honey from Chile. Traidcraft also work with Equal Exchange providing delicious fair trade spreads such as the organic cashew nut butter.

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