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Organic and fair trade chocolate

Chocolate may be easy on the tastebuds, but its production is no easy task. Almost ninety percent of cocoa that goes into this delicious treat is grown on small farms in developing countries, providing a livelihood to over six million farmers. Despite offering employment to many, there are few benefits for cocoa farmers and many still live in poverty.

Buying fair trade chocolate ensures that the industry is sustainable and improves both farmers' livelihoods and the quality of their crops.

What is fair trade chocolate and why should you buy it?

Farming cocoa beans is a very uncertain way of living, but for many farmers, is all they have. The cocoa market can be volatile, often prone to crashing due to fears of shortages and diseased crops, causing a climate of uncertainty for farmers.

Buying fair trade chocolate helps to support farmers by making their industry much more sustainable. The Fairtrade premium is directly invested back into their farms and businesses, helping them survive with the long term goal of helping them flourish in the future.

Traidcraft offers only the finest fair trade and organic chocolate. As well as understanding where organic chocolate comes from, you can view our fair trade chocolate fact file to understand what goes into satisfying your sweet tooth.

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