Fair trade and organic breakfast cereal

At Traidcraft we sell only the finest quality fair trade cereal, made using only fair trade ingredients from around the world.

Both healthy and ethical, our fair trade breakfast cereal is the perfect way to start the day. If you're a fan of muesli, then you will love our GeoMuesli selection, such as Exotic Fruit and Fruit and Nut.

For those who are on the go and or require a more convenient breakfast, Geobars offer the perfect solution; compact fair trade cereal bars made from wholesome ingredients, such as wheat, oats and a medley of nuts and dried fruits.

Benefits of fair trade cereal from Traidcraft

Get your day off to an ethical start with fair trade cereal. Our fair trade breakfast cereals are made from some of the finest organic ingredients available, making them an extremely healthy and nutritious choice.

We source some of the finest grapes and berries from the Eksteenskuil Agricultural Co-operative, South Africa, which are used in our delicious GeoMuesli and Geobars.

Buying fair trade breakfast cereal will ensure that growers, farmers and producers all benefit from the fair trade premium and so that further investment can be made into their communities, families and businesses.

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