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Fair trade and organic white chocolate

For those of you who love a chocolatey treat every-now-and-then, you will love what's on offer in our superb selection of organic and fair trade white chocolate. Available in a variety of different flavours, as well as in bars, hearts and more, there is something for everyone. At Traidcraft you will be able to find a delicious selection of dark chocolates and milk chocolates as well as this amazing range of fair trade white chocolate.

Our selection of fair trade white chocolate is selected from only the finest ethical brands available, which is why we sell produce from Divine Chocolate and Madecasse. "

Why should you buy fair trade and organic white chocolate?

At Traidcraft we truly believe in fighting poverty through trade which is why we feature such a large selection of fair trade white chocolate. Unfortunately, the cocoa market is very unstable which is why there is such a need for more people to buy fair trade chocolate.

By purchasing fair trade white chocolate from Traidcraft, you're actively helping to brighten the futures of many cocoa farmers across Ghana and further afield. Large quantities of cocoa used to make our delicious organic white chocolate bars, comes from Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana. If you would like to find out more about fair trade chocolate and cocoa, you can have a look through our fact file.

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