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Fair trade tea and organic tea bags

Did you know that Traidcraft have been at the forefront of fair trade for over 35 years and were the first company to bring fair trade tea to the UK? Sourced in Africa and blended in the North East of England, Traidcraft fair trade tea is a product combining prime quality leaves with honest work and pay.

If you're not a tea lover, you might be interested in finding out more about our fair trade coffee or fair trade hot chocolate. Our collection of fair trade teas, include a variety of different flavours and blends. Some of our popular products include African Gold Tea, Full Strength Tea and our One Cup and Two Cup teabag ranges.

What are the benefits of fair trade tea?

In the same way in which millions of us depend on a brew to get us through the day, there are millions of farmers in developing countries whose livelihoods rely on the tea industry.

Farms and tea growers face fluctuating prices when trying to compete with factory-led tea plantations controlled by large companies wishing to keep costs low.

Buying fair trade tea provides a minimum price safety net helping combat an unpredictable market. So far fair trade tea has earned millions of pounds for certified farmers and workers across the world.

Traidcraft sources tea from Tanzania, Africa, working closely with the Kibena tea factory. By purchasing Traidcraft's fair trade tea, available in a variety of blends and sizes, you could be contributing to building classrooms for the Itulahumba Primary School.

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