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Organic and fair trade olive oils

Traidcraft specialise in fair trade and organic products. As part of our cooking oils range, we feature an ever-growing selection of organic and fair trade olive oil. The olive oil that we sell has been organically grown and sourced from only the finest ingredients from small-scale farm operations, mainly in Palestine.

Within the range you can expect to find premium quality virgin and extra virgin olive oil, usually as a single or in case format. One of our main suppliers of fair trade olive oil is Zaytoun, from Palestine. Zaytoun offers fair trade olive oil produced from rain-fed, handpicked olives which have been tended to by hand.

For an alternative choice to olive oil, you may be interested in browsing our range of fair trade coconut oil.

What is the benefit of fair trade olive oil?

Our fair trade and organic olive oil is arguably some of the most ethical and premium quality cooking oil available. A lot of the oil we stock is produced by Zaytoun, a Palestinian specialist in Middle Eastern artisanal products.

If you are interested in where your food has come from and you're keen to ensure that producers and farmers are given a fair wage for their hard work, you're sure to love our producer stories. Zaytoun, for example, have been operating since 2004 and is dedicated to supporting the livelihoods of Palestinian farmers, making sure the fair trade oil industry is sustainable.

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