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Fair trade and organic drinks

Traidcraft offers a variety of fair trade and organic drinks online. You can enjoy hot beverages such as organic coffee and fair trade tea in a thirst quenching range of flavours and strengths. Don't fancy a 'cuppa? If you prefer cold drinks, we've got that covered in our array of refreshing organic fruit juices.

Coffee and tea are some of our most popular fair trade drinks products; find out more about how we help producers of fair trade coffee and tea, and discover what really goes into making your favourite hot drink in our producer stories.

Why you should purchase fair trade drinks

Unlike some conventional brands, Traidcraft is proud to offer fair trade and organic drinks from brands who use only the finest quality and natural ingredients. This includes the UK's first and largest 100% fair trade hot drinks brand, Cafedirect. All of the brands within our portfolio of drinks and beverages share our goal of combating poverty with trade.

If you're interested in what makes our drinks fair trade, then you can check out some of our producers stories.

Similarly, if you're interested in finding out about fair trade coffee or fair trade tea, we have some excellent fact files which you'll find interesting reading.

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