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Essential fair trade and organic cooking oils

Cooking oil is an everyday kitchen essential, used in the preparation of many home cooked meals. As well as offering health benefits, purchasing organic and fair trade cooking oil ensures fair pay for farmers and producers.

Traidcraft stocks a wide variety of fair trade oils, ensuring that you can find something which matches your style of cooking. Among the different products available is a selection of coconut oils and fair trade olive oils; both of which are available in virgin and extra virgin.

What are the benefits of buying fair trade cooking oil?

For consumers who want transparency on how their grocery choices make it from field to fork, all whilst providing farmers and producers with a fair wage, the Traidcraft fair trade cooking oils selection ticks all the right boxes.

Working with ethical brands such as Zaytoun and Tiana, we stock some of the finest fair trade and organic cooking oils, direct from places such as Palestine. You can find more in our fact file.

Traidcraft are passionate about fighting poverty through trade. By purchasing fair trade oil instead or your regular cooking oil, you can be part of this initiative.

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