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Fair trade and organic coffee

Coffee is by far one of the world's favourite drinks which is why it is one of the most valuable and widely traded agricultural products. 125 million people in some of the world's poorest countries, make your morning cup of coffee possible, whilst depending on its trade for their livelihoods.

In a similar vein to chocolate, the coffee industry is renowned for being unpredictable. This uncertainty makes the industry unstable, putting the lives of coffee farmers at risk. Through the sale of fair trade coffee, offering brands such as Cafedirect, Traidcraft are able to help the coffee industry become more sustainable. Help keep farmers in business and buy fair trade coffee today.
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Benefits of fair trade and organic coffee

There are many benefits of buying fair trade coffee from Traidcraft.

As one of the first suppliers of fair trade drinks in the UK, Traidcraft have built and maintained strong relationships with fair trade coffee producers, meaning we're now able to offer only the finest fair trade and organic coffee.

Our fair trade coffee range caters for all preferences; so whether you prefer the convenience of freeze dried coffee, a low key decaffeinated coffee, or the smooth qualities of ground coffee, there are medium-to-rich roasts and coffee beans for every taste.

Traidcraft works specifically with fair trade coffee producers in India and Guatemala, such as The Fair Trade Alliance, MACS and Cipac. By working with these brands we can ensure that growers and farmers are able to use the fair trade premium to re-invest into their businesses.

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