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Fair trade and organic coconut oil

Coconut oil is currently undergoing a surge in popularity due to its highly documented health benefits and versatility. However, the increased demand for coconut oil hasn't had the tropical producing countries jumping for joy. As a relatively new product to enter mainstream markets, coconut oils are not as widely supported by the fair trade certification. Traidcraft is wishing to raise awareness of brands such as Tiana who are leading the way in providing fair trade products such as coconut oil.

For a more traditional approach to cooking, Traidcraft also stocks a wide array of cooking oils, including premium quality organic olive oil.

Benefits of organic and fair trade coconut oil

There are many health benefits to organic coconut oil, associated with healthy hair and skin, weight loss and an improved immune system to name a few. By all accounts, it is a super food.

Due to such high demand, a lot of coconut oil has been harvested in a less than healthy manner. We're proud that the coconut oil featured within the Traidcraft range is raw and organic and not bleached for human consumption.

In addition to fair trade coconut oil, our expansive range also includes a selection of coconut water, often described as nature's best sports drink!

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