Fair trade and organic sauces, pesto and pickles

At Traidcraft we stock a delicious selection of fair trade sauces, pesto's and pickles made with love in Africa. Why not turn up the heat with our range of fair trade sauces from our chilli sauce selection for a tongue- tingling sensation? Add a blast of flavour to pasta with our flavoured pesto's? Or stock up on store cupboard staples from our range of chutneys and curry sauces?

For those who like to spice things up, our chilli sauces are produced by Black Mamba Chilli in Swaziland. Be warned, their signature Black Mamba chilli sauce is for only the brave!

Another Swaziland gourmet food producer we are proud to work with is Eswatini, famous for their jams, lime pickles, curry sauces and chutneys.

With a tantalising choice of fair trade sauces, pesto and pickles available, we have the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

Fair trade pesto, pickles and sauces from Traidcraft

Traidcraft's main providers of fair trade pesto, pickles and sauces are committed to changing the world with fair trade. Using only the finest, homegrown and organic ingredients and chillies, their products are a refreshing choice to high street options.

The best fair trade sauces are made with love and care, which means investing in your staff - something which Traidcraft's producers do. The fair trade premium ensures staff are paid fair wages and provides good working conditions. Local farmers are supported to ensure that their livelihoods are sustainable.

If you're looking for something sweeter, you may be interested in our selection of fair trade and organic spreads, which includes a tempting selection of honeys, jams and hazelnut spreads.

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